1. doodled immediately after my roommate said this.

    appears in pocket knife #2.

  2. pocket knife issue 2 is out next week!!! what?!?

    i can’t believe it. i’ve been puttering away on it since issue 1 came out in the summer but i hadn’t been feeling too good about it. issue 1 was so much easier when it was me sitting outside all the time and overhearing the crazy things people talk about. when its colder and you stay inside, you don’t experience as much. i’ve also been drawing a little bit differently than what you see in issue 1 (less stick figures now, more me actually concentrating on my doodles). and less frequently. issue 1 i was madly scribbling in my sketchbook every day. this one obviously took me longer. anyways, today i printed out everything to get ready to photocopy and when i looked at it all in my hands, it was the first time i was really excited about this issue. i’m really happy with how it turned out.

    i can’t wait for you all to see it.

    i’m bringing it to chicago zine fest next week! static zine will have a table, so you can find it there. it’ll also be up on the static zine webstore.

    this picture is a sample of a couple pieces in issue 2. more to come!

    p.s. thank you to everyone for all the kind words about issue 1, it makes my heart hurt with joy. ive only left a few copies at sky blue sky once in a while and it seems to get a good amount of pickup there. love that place! there’s magic in sandwiches. (note to self: damn i wish i drew that for issue 2.)

    p.p.s. yes, sexy ghosts is in issue 2.


  3. My brother gave me the best compliment he’s ever given me

    I’m still shocked it came from him, and skeptical!

    "Love it. I really hope that somebody finds a perfectly preserved copy in a hundred years and uses it to document a 24 year old female Toronto life."


  4. Sorry, keep forgetting about this blog, I’m not so good with the Tumblrs. pocket knife’s had a nice first week out, I’ve heard lots of nice things! I only just wish it’d look as nice and shaded as it does in my sketchbook, but alas, it’s a zine. (Just realized I said ‘nice’ three times there. MORE COFFEE!) In other news, I had a wonderful dinner/drawing date with zine queen (and former roomie) Clara Bee Lavery last night, and out of a conversation with her & Aus about a ghost tour in Dublin, I think I gave birth to a new comic, sexy ghosts! Should I continue?

  5. here’s a sample of some of the doodles featured in pocket knife #1!

  6. It’s done! It’s here! It’s alive!

    pocket knife #1, summer 2012 is available. 100 were printed. let me know if you want a copy.

    pocket knife is a seasonal collection of my observations of my surroundings and myself. done in doodles.

  7. guardian angel kitty’s calling… will you pick up?

  8. headless beauty

  9. canadian standards, eh.